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USB Platinum Skin Laser Hair Remover (Razor Free)

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Fast and Effective way to remove unwanted hair Anytime and Anywhere.

Do you sometimes wish that there would be a better way to hide those unwanted hairs on your Face and Body? Hiding it is totally unnecessary because now you can have smooth-sailing, hairless days ahead with the Platinum Skin Hair Remover Kit!

The Platinum Skin Hair Remover features Micro-Oscillation Technology to help you instantly and painlessly remove unwanted hair. By targeting hair at the roots, you are guaranteed to enjoy long-lasting, professional-quality results without all the fuss and from the comfort of your own home.

Note: 100% Dermatologist Approved 


WORKS FOR THE WHOLE BODY - Sensa-light technology hair removal can be used anywhere on the body from your face, arms, legs, and even your bikini line. Individuals of all skin tones can benefit from its use. Ideal for both men and women, the Instant Pain-free Hair Removal Kit is an instant, pain-free hair remover.

GENTLE - Instant Pain-free Hair Removal Kit delivers the ultimate grooming tool. The device uses advanced Sensa-Light technology to easily remove hair from all parts of your body in one step, while effortlessly following your contours for the best hair removal experience possible.

NO PAIN - It is safe on all skin types. The micro-oscillation technology sweeps away all of the unwanted hair in one stroke, without pain or irritation unlike other types of hair removers.  Instant Razor-Free, Pain-Free Hair Removal! 

GUARANTEED SAFE: Sweeps away hair at the surface of your skin to prevent nicks, cuts or razor bumps

PRACTICAL: Minimizes the need to go to the salon for some of your hair grooming needs because, with this device, you can do it yourself at the convenience of your own home

LONG-TERM RESULTS: This tool uses bursts of light to target the root of your hair and delay future growth so you can have smooth and hair-free skin for a long period of time

EASY TO USE: It effortlessly glides through the contours of your body for the best hair removal experience possible

WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable to use for removing hair in your face, arms, legs, and even your bikini line.


Your skin must be clean and completely dry before use with no cream or cosmetic residue.

Remove cover and move the switch to ON position(toward the head).

Purple sensor-light technology and the green LED will flash. The Unit will not turn on until it touches the skin.

For trimmer head use: Touch the hair remover trimmer head to the skin to begin hair removal of longer hair. 

For microfilm head use: For hair stubble or any short hair not removed by the trimmer head, select the micro-foil head. 

Hair remover and sensor-light technology will turn off within approximately 6 seconds. The green LED will return to flash. The unit will automatically turn on again when it comes in contact with skin.

When finished using your hair remover, turn the switch to OFF position(away from the head), cover and store in a cool dry place.

Brand Name: Platinum Skin

Power Type: Rechargeable
Plug Type: US / EU / AU / UK Plug
Voltage: 3.7V
Size: 12x5x3 cm
Package: Yes

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