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2019 The Golf Practice Swing Guide Trainer For Swing Alignment

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Golf Swing Trainer - The Secret Sauce

The Shank. The Slice. The Hook. We've been there and done that, right?.

Let's stop wasting your time and get serious about our game.  Let's show that friend, we are improving our game quickly and correctly

How, by improving your swing plane and promoting proper arm position throughout your takeaway.  This Pro Swing Trainer forces your body to memorize the correct positions throughout your swing!

Achieve swing consistency with the correct wrist position, which is exactly what our training aid is designed to do! Break this baby out on the range a few times and add up to 15+ yards on your irons and 30+ yards on your drive.

Get those lower scores quickly! 

This Golf Swing Trainer aid is used by players of all abilities, including teaching professionals and PGA Tour players. The Golf Swing Trainer aid is easy to use and lightweight. The Golf Swing Trainer will guide you through all of the key positions throughout the golf swing.

 Why You Need This Golf Trainer?

✅ Correct Incorrect wrist cocking and encourages correct radial deviation of the wrist

✅ Improve greater distance and better accuracy - reduce your handicap

✅ Easy to use 

✅ Corrects Golf club Face alignment

✅ Improves grip and width and swing arc

✅ Corrects and improves swing plane

✅ Checks completion of a backswing

✅ Improves swing tempo

✅ Corrects start of the downswing

✅ Improves impact position

✅ Improves follow through and plane

 Get the Three Pack set.

How To Use?

  • At address, Golf Swing Trainer positioned directly on top of the shaft, in line with the left shoulder.
  • Take away with a shoulder turn and left arm straight, with Golf Swing Trainer positioned on top of the shaft.
  • At the top of the backswing, the Golf Swing Trainer "rest" touches the side of the forearm.
  • Start downswing keeping Golf Swing Trainer "rest" against the side of the forearm.
  • Follow through to a three-quarter position, Golf Swing Trainer "rest" meets left forearm as left arm bends.


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