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Protector Dust Mask

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Safeguard Your Family & Friends

Dust Filter Mask reduces the risk of infection. Filters 95.99% of particles, dust, chemicals, pollen, and smoke.

Made of soft cotton mesh for excellent breathability and extra comfort. Dual Air Valve Respirator for improved and easier breathing. It doesn't get hot inside the mask and prevents glasses from fogging.

Washable & Reusable

The extra carbon filter (PM2.5) traps and filters air molecules from unsafe particles.

An adjustable nose shield provides a 360-degree seal from outside contaminants. Easily folds flat for compact storage. Perfect for traveling on the plane, bus & train!

Hanging ear design and contour mouth design ensures an effective seal from the outside air. Adjustable hook & adjustable loop strap gets the perfect fit for all-day comfort.

Unlike ordinary surgical masks, this N95 mask has a spacious mouth area that makes breathing easier and doesn't heat or fog up inside the mask. 
Act now to protect your loved ones.

✅ Blocks 95.99% of particles
✅ The filter protects against harmful particles
✅ Comfortable 3D flex design
✅ Reusable & eco-friendly
✅ Suitable for adults and children

Layers Filter function:

  • The first layer: spunbond cloth, filter the dust of micron
  • The second layer: to filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke pollen allergies
  • The third layer: filter density, smaller material
  • The fourth layer: Spunbond cloth, filter out all kinds of harmful substances;

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